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We are an affordable, dynamic video production company from Edmonton. We focus on developing compelling visual messages that tell the stories that are important to you, and will reach your audience. 

We are passionate about creating visual impact that will reach further.

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All videos are made in 1080p quality

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Free background music is included in each video. All rights reserved

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Select colors that best represent your agency/brand

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Our services are never late! Your video will be delivered in less than a week

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We take our projects seriously - 100% customer satisfaction

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Incorporate our video promos for your agency or brand.  We work with small to medium sized businesses and organizations, to promote their message through visual impact.

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"WOW! Video is amazing and I love it."
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If your brand needs modernization, or you’re just getting started, we have your back. With over 20 years of branding experience, we know how to take a company brand from A-Z.

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